Friday, June 15, 2012

Do you ever really crave Simplicity? Cottage Scale and Micro Scale Living

I have been reading the diary of a Norwegian immigrant over the last week.  I have enjoyed further insight into frontier living.  I'll bet those living on the hostile frontier in the mid 1800s would have loved this families home.  I appreciate simplicity and have a fascination with small homes and simple living. 

The Cottage-
Cottage Dreamers
  I have followed a great blog for some time now called Cottage Dreamers.
  Just look at her handy work!  Yes, the precious sleeping baby is part of that.
Cottage Dreamers
She and her hubby have done amazing things!
 I recommend you go and check her blog out.  I can't wait til she reveals her unfinished kitchen and living room in upcoming posts.  

Cottage Dreamers

I cheered when she got her stove long ago and have enjoyed her periodic updates as time has gone by.  She is very busy living and not blogging, but that makes her posts that much sweeter. 

Now the Micro home-

Watch The 'tiny house' movement on PBS. See more from Need To Know.

Just look at the freedom their debt free living has afforded them. 
I am so pleased to see families thinking outside of the box and beating the debt cycle.  I must admit, a parcel of land and the freedom from heavy restrictions to follow such a path has great appeal to me.

Hats off to simplicity.  I know I need more of it.   


  1. Very interesting...I went to the Cottage Dreamers blog and am now following it, so thanks for the tip. I so agree that we all have way more than we need in life. Years ago people made do and were even happier with much less. We are making a conscious effort to lead a frugal and simple lifestyle and leave the cycle of debt and buying more stuff behind. Thank you for sharing this! have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I longed for simplicity, but I like stuff. I stay out of debt (except my home), but would love to buy beautiful things to give and to have. I'm working on that so I can just be happy with what I have.

  3. If my kitchen is any indicator, I am afraid I like stuff too. However I did go through my dishes and pans and thin them again. (Did I mention I love dishes.) I am working on paring down and appreciating the simplicity it brings.

  4. Thank you to Celeste for allowing me to use some pictures from her blog and for the sweet email she sent me.

  5. I love that photo of the baby sleeping. It looks so peaceful. I know just what you mean.

  6. Thank you, Cheryl for all your kind words!
    ~ Celeste