Faux Petit Fours for Decorating - Foam and Spackle

  I am eating less sugar these days and these little sugar free Petit Fours 
fit right into that plan.
Creativity and no goodies to tempt me.

This frugal project started with a bit of Spackle and a dollar block of foam.
I cut the foam into 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch cubes.  Then I gave them a couple of coats of Spackle.

Let them dry well before sanding.

Getting better...
I rounded the upper corners to more closely mimic Fondant.

I painted them with acrylic paint, piped some Spackle mixed with a little bit of paint, and stuck pearls on top.  Then I sprayed them with 
semi-gloss Polycrylic.  
Be aware in areas where it is heaviest it has a tendency to be a little bit yellow.

Ta Da!

Update-  We had company over and they believed they were real!


  1. They look great but at my house someone would try to eat them. At least they are calorie free!


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