Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making Fake Cake has Captured my Attention - Another Frugal Wedding Cake Possibility

Etsy Cake

Have you ever made fake food?  I must admit I have not.
I decided to make a mini fake cake today.  You know for the sake of having tried it?
I had a cardboard ribbon spool and some Spackle that was drying out.
My boys enjoyed being my runners and taking pictures while
 I experimented with the Spackle "frosting."  I dyed it with some ancient Folk Art acrylic paint.

My Spackle is about 3 years old and is losing it's dryness indicator so it was pretty white when I started working with it.  I think that makes judging the final color easier.
Remember your cake will likely dry lighter than when wet.

*I can see you could have consistency issues if you add too much paint to fresh Spackle.
I am guessing it would be wise to use a darker color than what you want so that you can add less and not thin your Spackle too much.  Mine was drier so I was able to add more paint to it.

I smeared a thin layer of Spackle over the top and put a small square of news paper over the hole in the end of the ribbon spool so that the Spackle would not fall into the hole on top.
Was that  run on sentence?
Now all I need is a flower for the top.
Wide Cardboard Ribbon Spool
Pink Indicator Spackle
Pink Acrylic Paint*
(*Recommendation above about color choice.)
So what do you think??

I tossed my experimental cake, but this is another possibility for weddings.
I think I will stick with real cake, but it would work beautifully!
Check out the tutorial link on the wedding cake below. 

( Perma ice, Fake Cake )


  1. They all look beautiful! You're so crafty! This is probably going to make me seem pretty lame for not knowing, but what do you do with a fake cake?

  2. Well, you put it on a pretty little pedestal on your counter. Tee hee.

  3. Too bad they are fake because they sure do look good enough to eat.