Friday, August 31, 2012

Long Time no Post - Pneumonia and Blessings

The last month has been interesting.

I called home from youth conference to find my hubby was not doing well.
He was in acute repository distress and was only able to breath if he was leaning forward.
I zipped home and ran him to the E.R. 
As soon as the triage nurse saw him she told me she was not a betting woman, but she suspected he would be with them for a few days.  A wheel chair with oxygen was wheeled in and within a short time he was admitted.  We hung out in the
ICU on 14 liters of oxygen through a pressurized mask to maintain his oxygen saturation.

 It was an eye opening experience for sure.
The doc told us lots of people have pneumonia, but this was extreme pneumonia, the variety that kills people.  Thankfully after a stay in the hospital and 2-4 liters of home oxygen for a week all of the time and then only at night for a few nights he is doing well.  

Life comes at your hard and fast!

The events of the month have strengthened my resolve to appreciate today's blessings.

We saw the Dr. for the umpteenth time one day after my husband came home from the hospital.  We asked, "Why is he not getting better very fast."   
It was then that the Doctor told us just how close my husbands brush with death had been.
So much could have changed so fast.  
Our lives came very close to being different from here on out.

The Doctor stressed to us at our next visit again how close my sweet heart had come.
Even though I was there and saw just how sick he had been, it was still a strange thought.

I am so thankful for my family.  My husband and children.  
My oldest daughter and my parents.
What would I have done without them.
 My daughter picked up where I left off and took care of everyone like a Veteran Mom.
 Everyone took care of each other.  Most of them were sick with the same bug my husband had.
It was a scarey time.  But, it has increased my thankfulness.

What has made you thankful for your blessings lately?


  1. I'm so glad he is doing okay now! That really is scary.

    I am very thankful for my children's health and safety and grateful for my own health. I don't know how I can keep cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, shopping, going to class, studying, helping with homework, and all the stuff we gotta do with a few hours of sleep each night. I know I've been blessed with strength that is better than my own. I think Moms get special blessings. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Very scary. I too am so glad he has recovered. I am amazed at how easily I take things for granted until I am forced to do without them for a while. I hope your Fall is much calmer.