Sunday, September 16, 2012

Missionary Mom Club

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 I had lunch with a friend of mine from high school on Friday.  I have never done really well with keeping in touch with my old friends.  I guess I got started with my family and life came at me fast and we all got sort of well, busy.  It was wonderful to catch up.  A lot of women my age have missionaries out and it is really fun. 
We are part of a sort of exclusive club.  It is just amazing how quickly bonded two women can be when they share stories about their missionaries.  There is no one other than family who pays better attention when you share a little bit of news about your missionary.  And your bit of news is quickly followed with enthusiasm and some of their missionary news. 


  1. Such a neat club to be in...I hope to be a member in about three years!

  2. :o) It has been so fun! Thanks for your comment!