Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Historic Time to get a Mission Call - The New LDS Missionary Age Requirement

Update- My daughter got her call!  She leaves on December 19th!


We are watching the mailbox this week for our daughter's mission call! 

The first wave of calls will come this week!
When my daughter tells people she is going, the first question many ask is, "how old are you?"

Our daughter is not one of the 19 years old girls, she is days away from being 21.
But, she will be in the MTC with the first wave of 19 year old Sister Missionaries.
We are so excited to see where she is going!
What a wonderfully historic time to go!

If you'd like more information about the Mission Age Change follow the link.

Last February we said good bye to our 19 year old son as he entered the MTC for his 2 year mission.
He will return before our daughter has completed her 18 month mission.
The two of them have always done everything together and now they will be serving at the same time!

Will this change things for you?


  1. We are waiting too!!! Congratulations on your daughter's call. If I might ask, where is she going? and how long did the call take to arrive?
    It is a pretty exciting time!! :)

  2. (Bummer, I checked to see if you are enabled for email responses.)
    She is headed for Pennsylvania! She Put her papers in about 2 weeks before. She is headed out fast. A friend of hers got his call 2 months ago and does not leave until January. This works great though. She will get back in time to enter the teaching program. :o)
    Good luck to you! I hope the call comes soon.

  3. Our daughter is 19 and never ever even thought of going on a Mission until that big announcement came- it has been a pretty crazy few weeks!!
    Exciting times :)

  4. That is SO exciting! I'll bet you are on pins and needles!
    Can't wait to hear how it turns out.