Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Brand of Frugality - Double Coupon Day at Walmart

I have never been a coupon cutter.  

I have always been a fan of Amy Dacyzyn's Tightwad Gazette.  
Many years ago an interviewer was looking for ideas for photos for a piece he was doing on her.  She suggested he take a picture of her suburban driving past McDonald's, not stopping.  
I have always remembered that.  

I did an experiment.

I have always avoided expense.  Okay, I agree I cannot avoid buying non-food items.
But, I have always been happy with value over fluff. 
Basic products with basic names and basic scents.
They work for me.
I buy veggies without sauces, and paper products without fanfare.
If money is tight or I am saving for something, I simply stay out of the stores.
And when I do go, I make choices.

Do you get the feeling I will not be a coupon convert?

I admit it was a fun experiment.  I walked around the store with other women sorting through envelopes of coupons searching out brands.
I know there are people who do very well at this. But I could not help noticing my usual brands standing on the shelf next to the brands I was buying with my double coupons.  I was not really saving much.
I had put in time and an extra special trip to the store.

Was it worth it?

For me?  Not really.  Maybe if I'd had one of those Couponing Divas at my side things would have been different.  I certainly do not condemn those who enjoy couponing and have made a science of it.
I simply enjoy my own brand of frugality.

What do you think?

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