Thursday, November 1, 2012

Organizing the Laundry Room - New Shelf above Washer and Dryer

When we built this house the builder put up the top shelf in the laundry room,
but it was just not enough.

So today I hit the big box and picked up the lower shelf.

My daughter was kind enough to hold the level and the shelf a few times during the process.  

It's okay if you chuckle at my enjoyment.

The laundry is up against the wall in the laundry sorter and my laundry bags 
hang on the back of the laundry room door.  
I am so glad to have the extra space.

Pretty soon I will have to stop stirring the straw in my nest and think about Thanksgiving.


  1. Great idea about adding that extra shelf. My laundry room looks just like yours...about the same size and same configuration and it only has the one shelf which is up so high I can hardly reach things pushed to the back of it. I'm going to see if this idea will work in my laundry room! Thanks!

  2. Glad it was helpful. :) I keep stirring the nest hoping to be a little better organized. In addition the big kids have laundry sorters in their rooms or closets. It helps. And for the most part the big ones do their washing.