Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ranch Rolls - What my Missionary Son Misses

I bounced emails with my son the other day and he told me he is missing the Ranch Rolls that we have for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.  They can be made from any good family roll recipe.  You might try Lion House Rolls  or even 1 hour bread.  

A little over proofed, but he will not mind.
When my Mom makes these she is MUCH more generous with the butter and the Ranch/Parmesan mixture.  I hope my son is not sad that I did not roll the whole thing in it.  I guess I was thinking about calories.  I should have just gone for it.  (These can be made from Rhodes Rolls if you are inclined to do them that way.  My Celiac mother chooses that route to protect herself from the gluten exposure.)

I like to scale rolls and make them in the neighborhood of 75-80 grams.  It is not exact, but keeps them somewhat uniform.  Want to see a fun roll shaping video?  Yes, I am a fan.  Mark's movement with dough a very fluid.  Dough gets into your blood if you will let it.  Or maybe just all over your skin.  :)

Dip the tops, or the whole roll in butter.  Yes, be kind and use real butter.  Then dip them into 1/2 cup Parmesan and half to a whole packet of Ranch dressing mix.  My Mom dips the whole roll and uses foil on her pans to contain the yumminess.

Ranch Rolls
Position them on a buttered jelly roll and let them raise next to the stove or over the dishwasher while it is running.

Time to wrap and mail.  I know he will enjoy them.


  1. Wow! He got these in the mail?! I can't remember the last time I even got a letter, let alone a package, but I have never, ever received something like that! What a lucky guy. They sound really good.

  2. The only bad thing... All of my children witnessed it. I may be locked into doing it for each of them now. ;)