Friday, March 15, 2013

Pie Day Experiment - Key Lime Tarts

Key Lime Tarts in a Pastry Crust
I picked up a dozen tart tins

Tart tins in my well used muffin pan
Key Lime Tarts
I partially baked the tart shell and then finished baking it with the filling.
The challenge is a balancing act.  Don't under bake the crust and over bake the filling.
I baked the tart crust for about 8 minutes and after filling them baked the for about 11 more.  
I need to bake the tarts longer next time prior to filling them.  
So far I have not found instructions for doing this, so I am going on trial and error.
I just read a recipe with an internal temp for Key Lime.
It said bake to 145 degrees.
I'll make a note for next time.

The Left Over Filling


Key Lime Tarts