Monday, May 6, 2013

Allure Trafficmaster Floor Transition Strips - Finishing my Allure Floor

Call me a chicken, but I cut a yard stick first to make sure I had the angle right before I cut the transition strip.
If you have considered installing Allure Trafficmaster Flooring you have already realized they do not sell transition strips or finish molding.
If you are new to installing flooring like we were maybe this post will help you.  
Of course you can opt for metal transitions, we brought them home, but I just could not do it.
So we chose Oak Threshold. I stained it with Minwax Special Walnut (My floor is American Walnut) and finished it with Minwax Polyurethane Fast Dry Spray on finish.

Unfinished Oak Quarter Round Stained and Sealed

I stained Oak Quarter Round to finish the stairs and exterior doorways.  I recommend pre-drilling the molding and floor underneath (the 1/8 expansion gap, not the Allure flooring) with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the nail after I split a piece of quarter round.  I am sure someone who is more experienced would know a better way.  
And I admit, I have a drill bit broken off and stuck in my floor and one of my moldings.  
But, hey I tapped it in with a hammer and left it for posterity.  

Be sure not to snug your moldings too tight when you put them down.  
Allure does expand and contract a lot, especially near windows with temperature changes which can result in seam buckling.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Check out the comments for a few more ideas.


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    1. Oops, an accidental tap of the mouse removed this question. Sorry GM.
      GM asked for suggestions on attaching transition strips to a cement floor or sub floor. I have never coped with this question in my own home. But, depending upon your needs a t strip in a track might be an option. I did a quick search and found this video reccomending a glue for tack strips. Surely it would work with a t strip in a u channel?? Or another suggestion would be a hammer drill to drill holes for cement screws??
      I would talk to someone in a home center about the chemrex glue prior to using it though.
      Good luck to you. :)

    2. One more thought... Since you are installing your floor over cement the quarter round could pose a challenge. You may have to toe nail into the plate sole. I recommend pre-drilling the quarter round to prevent splitting.

      But, remember... I am no expert. :)

    3. T Molding -

  2. How has your flooring held up?