Monday, May 20, 2013

Bar Stool to Bathroom Stool Transformation

We have a little pedestal in our 1/2 bathroom.
Sadly we fight clutter on the pedestal.
So I decided the bathroom needed a little stool.
I looked around, but did not want to buy something plastic.

This old dog will do.
My better half marked it and sawed the legs off for me.

I sanded it, and then stained in with Special Walnut by Minwax. 
Then I finished it with a spray on Sealer by Minwax.

Now I just need to find a basket to put the stuff in.


  1. How do I have such a bad memory??? Just looked through my son Alex's yearbook with him and realized your daughter Hannah is one of his friends and Sarah is in his seminary class. Did I know this? I feel bad that I can't even remember. And I thought I saw you walking one of your kids to the elementary school where my youngest daughter goes. I did not realize we were such close neighbors!

    I'm starting to plan a little luncheon and would love to invite you. If you'd like to come, please email me at and I'll try to get an idea of when would work for people. Thanks!

    And great team work on the stool. It looks great. I wish I was good at stuff like that.

    1. I ended up following you home from dropping off for early morning a week or so ago. Pretty funny. You turned off just before I did. Yup, we are close and our kids cross paths often. :) The world is very small.
      I don't usually post many pictures of my brood here. But recognized your son on your blog some time ago.
      I'll shoot you an email.