Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purse Camera Bag Conversion - Pad a Purse for your Camera

Have you looked at what camera bags cost?
And do you really want to announce what you are carrying on your next family outing?
I bought an inexpensive purse and scavenged a blue camping pad from the garage.
You need closed cell foam and blue camping pads are closed cell.
I grabbed some black fabric and started working.
I used a thinner camping pad so I cut two layers for each piece.
First I cut two bottom pieces. 
You can either sew a close fitting cover left open on one end to be hand stitched or you can go the glue gun route. 
(Think little pillow cases.)

Then cut your two sides double thick and cover.
Finally I cut my two ends. 
Mine ended up just a little bit wide. 
(See the zipper end of the bag.)
All of that padding got a little bit tight in there.
I will remake my ends so that they fit better another day.
Next I took a piece of memory foam scavenged from a pillow and made a little removable pillow.
 Now I am set to go.
The bag was just under 13.00
I cheated with a closed cell camping pad form the garage.
The fabric was about 4.50
So, minus the camping pad I am in this about 20 bucks.

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