Monday, July 29, 2013

Organizing your Digital Pictures - How do we keep up?

Do you have a drawer full of flash drives and you have no idea what is on them?
I do too.  So this is my new solution.  I have tagged them with little tags cut from a file folder and will be going through and labeling them all so that I have an easier time finding what I want.


While I was at it I straightened up my data drawer.
Pictures take up a lot of room ,but the digital ones take up a much smaller space than the many years of pictures I have in totes.
I have heard the best way to store a picture is by having it printed, but they have their problems too.
I can see the sense in printing them though. 
Look at that stack of slides.  Now what?  I guess I need to take them in and have them printed or digitized.
And how do you feel about file sharing sites like Drop box??
I am brand new to that stuff. 


  1. Great idea. I print some pictures, but am not so good any more about getting everything labeled, organized and put away. I usually sit and do some of that while watching General Conference. You are very organized and a great inspiration. Have a great week!

    1. That is a great time to do it! Brilliant Deb! I have a terrible habit of being a "spot" organizer. ;) The rest of it gets away from me.