Friday, July 12, 2013

The Squash is Coming!

Bring on the rain!


  1. If you have extra, I would be more than happy to take some off your hands!

  2. When we get rolling I'll bet we will. :)

  3. We just picked our first few squash. One of them was well hidden and measured 9 inches. Pretty big for a scallop squash! What is your favorite squash recipe?

    1. I LOVE cream of anything soup. I made a quick mix to keep in my pantry consisting of powdered milk, cornstarch and salt. I whisk it into cold water and make a nice cream soup. Then I drop steam some squash and drop it into the soup with a bit of chicken bouillon. I could eat that all summer!
      I am fighting squash bugs right now, but I am determined to not lose.
      Welcome to my blog. :)