Friday, August 2, 2013

My Sister Blog - Snapping 52 Weeks in Pictures

I have headed off on a common tangent for people with blogs.
I am working to improve my photography beyond the old scanner bed Ebay pictures that we used to see.  Could you believe those?  Am I the only one who remembers them?
  Okay, maybe my photography has looked more like busy Mom than Ebay mug shots.  But, I have wanted so much to improve my skills for so many years.  So my goal is to pick the camera up weekly.  I'd love daily, but that does not always happen.  So, the goal is to post a picture each week for the next year.
I have always felt a bit squeamish about posting family pictures, so my subject matter will be more stuff than people.  But, I am still taking pictures of the people.   
They are after all my main reason for taking pictures. 
My hope is to see a big improvement in a year. 
Thanks for stopping.

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