Thursday, September 19, 2013

Toddler Meals on a Budget - OAMC For Babies and Toddlers

Trying to save some cash and feed your little one well?
If you are feeding a little one you know what pre-packed food for small ones costs.
Pouches with twist off lids and bowls of food for small ones can really add up.
My baby is in school now, but I have a little one in my life right now so this is one my mind again.
Call me old fashioned, but I love making little meals for little people.

All you need is a box of snack size zipper bags and a container to put them in.
Load your bags with the components of your meal and zip them up.
I stash like meals in tubs to keep them together and help keep them fresh in the freezer.
Often small ones need to eat long before a meal is prepared  and if you have little toddler meals in  the freezer they are less likely to have crackers for dinner.
This meal happens to be tender crock pot pork roast cut into tiny pieces since my little guy has a full set of teeth, and rice with broth spooned over it to moisten it, with green beans cut into tiny bites.
Consider muffins like Marvelous Muffins
and other healthy options for trips away from home.
It takes a little bit of prep work when you make meals for the family to package and freeze a bit for the smallest member of the family, but the cost savings and health of the child will pay off.
(For smaller people without teeth I use a small food processor and ice cube trays.)

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