I am Thankful for "We" - Our Family of 9

Our Wedding Shower
I met my sweetheart on a blind date. 
His Aunt and my mom tried to set us up off and on for a couple of years.
I just was not interested in blind dates....  Until I talked to him on the phone.
He was adorable. 

Our first Baby

We hit the ground running and we were 3.
Our first baby came just a week after our first wedding anniversary.
Life Came at us fast. 
We spent our newly wed days as young parents.
We grew together as our numbers grew.
Our Second Baby

Our first son came as quickly as our daughter did.

Our second daughter made three children!
Our second daughter came and now we were 5.
We had become a busy family of 5 in 3 years 4 months and 2 days.
We know the Lord has a different plan for each family.
And this was his plan for ours.

And then two years later we were blessed again with another baby daughter.
My husband's parents with our 4
We were up to our waists in little people.
Our children were happy and busy and so were we.
For us, the definition of we was not a group of 2.  It was 6!
And then our second son came.
We was now defined as 7.
Our oldest son had a brother, tipping the scales his and Dad's way a bit.
My Parents and our 5.
 On this day, we visited my Dad where he worked.
Playing with Grand Parents and Great Grandparents!

Finally home from the NICU at 5 pounds looking like a tiny newborn.
And then, Heaven sent us our 3rd son...  All 3 fighting pounds of him born at 29 weeks.
We were now 8!

At this point our family was balanced.
3 boys and 3 girls a Mom and  Dad.

Until the tie breaker...

My Family minus my brother his wife and his daughter.

We welcomed our 4th son, the tie breaker.
All 8 pounds 5 ounces of him.

"We" had become 9 in just
14 years and a half years.

We are so thankful for this journey.
It has not been a fashionable one and at times we are misunderstood.
But, we are so thankful for our 7 children.

We are thankful for "We."


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  2. What a lovely, lovely family you have. Children surely are a wonderful blessing, aren't they. Thanks for this post.


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