Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bootie of the Day - Basic Bootie Assembly and Pattern - Updated

Two layers Reclaimed Wool with a layer of thin fleece sandwiched between for body.

Fleece and Flannel

Sandwich the shoe laces before sewing

Tack the elastic to the seam allowance. 
See the elastic is sandwiched
Set your machine for a large stitch length and width on the Broken Zig Zag Stitch.
Stretch the elastic fully and then sew over it.  Feel with your finger and follow the line of the elastic.

Trim back the fleece between the layers and then Zig Zag the fleece together to finish the seam and reduce bulk.
Before Trimming
After Trimming and zig zagging the edge.
Pattern Link has been repaired.  2/14/16 


This pattern can be cut on the outer line or the inner one. 
I taped two pens together and traced my original to make the pattern a little bit bigger.

Jan. 2014


  1. On your pattern, there are 2 pieces that look similar and one has a place for elastic. Are these 2 different backs for booties? This is why I am not sure about the construction. Also when I look at the pieces up above in the bright green fleece, the pattern pieces are very different looking then the pattern that I printed from this site.

  2. There looks to be 2 different back pieces on the pattern i downloaded from this site. One has elastic mark on it and one doesnt. Are they different bootie back pieces? Also the pieces cut above out of the green fleece look very different from the pattern i downloaded.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Sorry that was the wrong pattern link.
      I fixed it. ((blush))

  3. I don't sew, but these are adorable!