Tuesday, April 4, 2017

There I was Crying my eyes out in Wal-Mart

I saw a classy frail looking old woman using a scooter.  She had parked the scooter too close to the milk cooler doors and was trying to get up to stand in a space that was only as wide as her sneaker.   I saw a fall coming. 
I approached, (my thought was Grandma C.) she was wearing a quilted jacket in a slightly different shade of brown from the one that Grandma C. wore shortly before she died. I asked if I could get something for her. As she hovered to sit I cupped a hand under her elbow until she was seated, just the way I used to with Grandma. 

She asked for three half gallons of milk.   (Grandma always bought skim and 1% in smaller cartons.  She mixed it because she couldn't buy the 1/2% milk that she had always bought in Texas. )
I got them. She was poised and thanked me with an appreciative smile. The memories flooded back.  I took her in for a moment.  I paused and smiled as I asked her if she needed anything else.  She was happy and moved on.  I moved the other direction toward my husband, hoping to be rescued from my emotions. There I was in the dairy section losing the battle against my tears.

After we reached the car I started to talk about Grandma.  Grandma was such a capable amazing woman.  She was driven to serve and kept going against so many difficult health problems.  She was so frail for so long.  We were used to holding on to her as she forged ahead.  My Dad once said that she would die while working, the "pony in the strap."  She was 5 feet tall and worked like a Clydesdale.  

I took this during Grandma's last summer during a family gathering.

She always did all that she could to love and help those around her. She smiled at everyone that she came into contact with in public and showed such kindness.
She wrote the book on taking care of a husband.  When Grandpa got older he got funny and was a bit more troublesome.  But, Grandma took such good care of him.  

I am so thankful for my knowledge that our family relationships can continue beyond the grave.  I am so thankful for sealing ordinances in the temple that bind families.  I am so thankful for marriages/sealings that are not until death do you part.  

My grandmother was a genealogist and became somewhat of an authority on the Chanel Islands. Finding our ancestors was very important to her because she understood the importance of offering saving ordinances to our ancestors.  Should they choose to accept them,  we believe that families will continue to be family units beyond the grave.  

I look forward to seeing her again when I die.  It's been two years since she left us.  I have not cried like that in a quite a while.  I truly miss her.  When I was a child she was my long distance Grandma.  But, about the time my 5th child was born my husband and father moved them to our valley.  She became my dear friend.
Until we meet again Grandma.  Until we meet again.

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