Free Romper Pattern - Strampler Mikey 2.0

I will soon be a Grandma and a Great Aunt!  My adorable daughter in law is carrying a heavy load as her little baby grows and will soon get to see his sweet face!
My sweet niece is about a month behind my daughter in law in her pregnancy.  Oh, how I have missed babies.

I've been making baby clothes from gently used fabrics.  I am doing my best to prevent things that have good use left  in them from going into the land fill.  Waste not want not.

This cute little jumper size Gr. 68 about 6 months was cut from a pair of women's stretch denim pants.  I cut them on the outer side seam.  I added a pocket to soften the center seam.  Next time I will make the cuff longer so that it can be folded.  This pattern has a gusset set in the crotch, don't be afraid of putting this in.  It's not bad.  (Watch a tutorial.)

I saw many pictures of this jumper on pinterest, but it took a while using Google translator and learning a couple of key search words to find the patter.
I found this pattern after happening upon Le-Kimi's blog. Beware the pattern is free.  Don't pay anyone for it. I searched the German words and apparently Strampler is Jumper, Anleitung is Guide, Schnitt is Cut or as it's known in English, Pattern.  From what I have gathered Le-Kimi does charge for use if you should choose to sell products made from the pattern.

The pattern is supposed to be made with stretchy knit fabric.  I used a stretch denim here, but I will add a tiny bit of width the next time I used a less stretchy fabric just to be safe.  My daughter in law plans to use cloth diapers, so I want to make plenty of room in the ones that I make for her baby.
I hope you found this useful!  Check YouTube there are a couple of tutorials in German.  It was fun to hear them speak and you can gather a lot by watching the videos.  :)


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