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My pantry in my former house was just featured on-

Other People's Pantries #82
Feel free to click on the link and go check it out.

I love peeking at other people's pantries and thought I'd share mine. My new home is in the process of being built. It will not be lavish, but it will be mine. We are very excited! So here is my current pantry.
Actually, this home has no pantry, so the hall linen closet was pressed into service. Much of my storage is in the basement. I am very blessed to have a basement. I have always been a food gatherer. I love to buy things when they are on sale and stock up.
The goal for my pantry is to have one or two of everything that
I have downstairs on my shelves. This saves some trips to the basement.
On the top shelf notice the two liter bottles.
I store bulk staples in clean two-liter bottles with great success.
They are tough and they keep everything tidy.
Thank you for peeking into my pantry!
My brother and I were raised with a waste not want not attitude. I was raised in a subruban neighborhood with chickens and a large garden. We canned our own food as much was possible, visited the neighborhood fruit and vegetable stand and reused and recycled things way back before it was cool to do so. (I had to scale down from what my mother did in order to make it fit the pace fo my life.)
Many of my large jars were my mother's. I raided her shelves and begged for them. Recently I was given 4 new giant pickle jars since my father loves deli style pickles. I was thrilled to get them.
I am a wife and mother of 7 children. This waste not want not attitude that I was raised with has helped me to cook for my family and take good care of my family.

When using 2-liter bottles wash them with soapy water and shake

them out well. I like to lay them on a towel in an out of the way place

to dry for up to two weeks. Be sure to check and see which type of caps the bottles have. Some have a little plastic seal in the lid. Be sure to remove this loose seal with a paring knife so that moisture will not be trapped after washing and grow something icky. After the bottles are thoroughly dry I use either a funnel or a 2 liter bottle cut in half to fill the bottles. Juice bottles work well for staples also. Anything that has the PETE symbol on the bottom can be used for food.
I save a lot of money money buying cereal grains by the 25-50 pound bag, along with powdered milk, Legumes/Beans, etc. In the PETE bottles they are protected from moisture and pests. (Be sure to wipe the bottles and bottle necks clean before you put them away in a cool dry place.)
I buy Germade from the Roller Mill instead of buying Cream of Wheat(R)at the grocery store at great savings.
I once found a restaurant sized 50 pound bag of pancake mix at a deep discount. I packaged it and used it for a long time.After the bit of fall canning that I do winds down I do a batch of Pinto beans and White beans in pints for the winter.
This helps me to rotate my beans while having some of them
quickly available for meal prep.
My motto is choose something new to do and keep it simple.
Thanks for peeking!

Thank heaven I will never have to move this stuff again.


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