Ode to IKEA KALAS Dishes

If I were poetic I'd write you an ode to IKEA KALAS dishes, but I'm not.  
So, instead I'll tell you why I like them.

I know I am not the only one who uses them.
 As I checked out at IKEA yesterday I watched the Mom ahead of me 
unload the bottom of her stroller to pay for half a Million of them.  
I bought a bunch too.

What I like about them-
  • Less food waste by children.
  • Encourages smaller portions for everyone.
  • They do not take up a lot of space in the dishwasher or the cupboard.
  • They are inexpensive. 
  • They come in cute colors.
Do you get frustrated when a child fills a large bowl with milk and cereal and eats 1/4 cup of it and then leaves it to be thrown away?  You are not alone. We have felt at times that we could feed a small army with the food that got wasted.  It has been an important goal in our home to dish up less and waste less.

If you are over 29 you have likely realize that the battle of the bulge is a reality.  Dietitians tell us to use smaller dishes to encourage smaller portions.  If you want more go back for more, but dishing up less gives us time to think about how much we really need to eat.

They are dishwasher friendly.  A bowl takes up no more room than a cup.  When you are cooking for an army it is nice to not need a crew of K.P. "volunteers."   We know how willing they help can be.  So let's get it done and get out.

Each set of 6 pieces is 1.99.  I like that.  When they get looking tired they are easy to pass on to your local thrift store and buy a fresh set.  I recommend using 1/2 of a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher with each load.  They will look nice longer as will all of your other dishes. 

Finally, they come in cute colors.  They might seem a bit kiddish if your "kids" are taller than you are, but I have a good excuse.  One of my kids is still sort of little, and I have not heard the big ones complain.


  1. I love them too. They make me feel like I'm having my own little tea party, but with plastic instead of china. :)

  2. These are my favorite. I'm trying to get my kids out of the sippy cup stage. They love the little cups, they also love choosing which color they eat with (Sophia only knows "green" so that is all she shouts).

  3. I miss the sippy cup stage. Lol. Only because I miss the tiny people. :o) Someday my kids will bring me more tiny people.

  4. These are huge at our house too! We love them!

  5. Why am I not on the IKEA cool dish fast track...making a trip there ASAP. Love the colors!

  6. Love them. I've been meaning to get more. Do you know if they are safe to use in the microwave?

  7. Yes, I think they are safe according to what IKEA says. But, I try to heat things up in my Corelle instead. The food gets hot around the surface and has a tendency to mar them.



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