Organizing my Pantry - Post 100

Is your pantry having one of those days?
Mine was.

Last night I emptied my pantry out onto the counter.  
And then spent the morning putting things away again.

 I used turn tables for small bottles and I rounded up 
baskets from around the house for smaller bulk items.

I arranged my pickle jars in the corner on a turn table for easier access.

I love my jars.

All of my loose bags are held closed with paper clamps.

All of my bulk goods are on the floor in buckets.


  1. I need to reorganize my pantry again as well. I will do a post about when I get around to it....thanks for inspriring me!

  2. It's just amazing how fast a pantry gets horrible. I had to make it a high priority because it is visible from the living room. :o)


  3. I definitely reorganized the inside of my pantry as well as redecorating the body of it. What had once been organized turned into chaos, and I was just so overwhelmed by it, I just let it stay that way... clearing it out for this project was a great way to get me reorganized again!

    Thanks for inviting me to this linkup!


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