3 Seam Footies - PooPockets Free Pattern -Check out the Boy Variation

If you looking for a quick pair of baby shoes, booties, footies, slippers or whatever you want to call them... They were designed for babes, but I get a lot of hits for American Girls Dolls.  If you are looking for a free pattern this might just fit the bill. These are a very quick sew and they are cute as can be. I no longer have any small people to put them on, so if you make them I'd love to hear if they stay on. (The only pair I ever had were preemie sized and my preemie did not wear clothes until he was much bigger than they were.) They are low on the ankle, so without socks they may be quick to kick off.

Today I added a simple button down addition to these little shoes. 
Remember, whenever you put clothing on a small one with razor sharp teeth, you need to keep an eye on the buttons.  I would feel so bad if someone's baby choked on a button.  Use buttons at your risk.

Side strap pinned in and folded over out of the way for sewing.
I made a simple little pattern and you can make one too.
Make two copy of Kimi's Footie Pattern (read on below.)
Take one of the patterns for the Upper and make a piece like this out of it.
Use the full width of the pattern piece. 
After the seam allowances the strap will not cover the whole toe of the Footie.
I made this piece the same width as the Upper Pattern. 
Cut 2 right side up and 2 bottom side up.
You can easily make a pattern piece too. 
And if you'd like it to be wider make it wider.  Your imagination is the limit. 

If you make your strap out of the pattern piece you will have a better chance of making it fit well.

During my diaper sewing years I corresponded briefly with the owner of New Conceptions Patterns. I like her patterns and liked her too. The Poo Pockets diaper pattern is one of the diapers types that I had in my stash in those days. It is reasonably priced too. I made them turned and top stitched, and did not care for them serged. (Here is the Footie Pattern, but visit her site first.)

My teen aged daughter saw these and said, "Oooh, those look comfy. I want some."

Originally published Dec 27, 2010


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