Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marshmallow Fondant - I found a favorite

I have not bought fondant. Thankfully I was warned about it's less than appealing flavor. Thank heaven for homemade fondant.
I tried a recipe that is posted over on Edna's site after watching some of her videos and it was a hit.
This is the second fondant recipe that I have made. I prefer the texture and the stretch this recipe offers to the first one. When I was laying the fondant on the top layer of my last cake it began to tear out on an edge past where I would trim the fondant anyway. But, it was then that I realized this recipe was really different from the last one I tried. I found the second recipe to much more forgiving.
I have made 4 batches of this one now. A couple of things... If you want it to taste like lemon go with the lemon juice. I did not. I used water and almond extract in it's place. Don't be afraid to add water in miniature additions to get the texture right.
I recommend warming the fondant just slightly in the microwave when you plan to work with it. Texture is something that is learned. It's not rocket science, but it is a balance that is learned.
I recommend making your fondant the night before also. Any powdered sugar that is not yet moistened needs to have an opportunity to moisten so that it can be mixed in when you knead the fondant prior to rolling.

Watch this-


  1. The first time I tasted fondant on a cake I loved it, but successive times weren't so great. Ignorantly I thought all fondant was created equal. THIS marshmallow fondant recipe sounds fabulous. Perhaps some day I will give it a try, but most likely my daughter will do so first. I'm passing the recipe on to her. :)

  2. I think you'll enjoy it when you try it. I suggest watching youtube videos about applying it. You'll learn a lot.

  3. I have never made fondant but I have been searching for a perfect recipe. Since I love marshmallows, this recipe seems perfect and easy as well. I just have one question. Instead of using the lemon juice, I wish to follow your advice by adding almond extract. I was wondering, exactly how much water and almond extract should I use to make the substitute? Thanks!!

  4. Dear anonymous,
    Just make sure you add some kind of liquid for each of the liquid measurements.
    Lemon and almond swap straight across.

    After you knead it and it begins to cool the texture will change. Don't panic when it happens.

    On another note-
    Remember to warm it for a few seconds to soften the texture. Or lightly grease your hands and work it in if it seems slightly crumbly.

    I made two batches today and kneaded black gel food coloring into a small ball. Guess what. The texture was affected quite a lot by the coloring and the extra working. I added a drop of water to the tangerine sized ball and a little smear of shortening and I warmed it for a moment. It was fine. Be SO careful with water. I generally do not use much while I am working with it. Water will ruin your fondant if you are not cautious.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask. :o)

  5. Did you follow the exact recipe (except for the water and almond extract) as the girl on the youtube video?

    is it smarter to add the food coloring (liquid, i dont have the paste) with the marshmallow?
    Can i replace Crisco with butter?
    lastly if I don't have a kitchen aid stand mixer, is tere a way to mix the fondant by hand? :X

    Sorry for so much questions xD. I just want it to be perfect before doing my first fondant. (I heard its a pain)

  6. I am sure you can get away with the liquid, but I do believe you will be much happier with the result if you go get some paste coloring. I know it is REALLY painful to gather your supplies. Cakes are not cheap. I have never substituted Butter for Crisco, but you run the risk of having and imbalanced recipe. Have you ever melted butter and then left it on the counter to re-set? There is liquid that you can pour off. I recommend you make it as she shows it. If you want to sub in another extract, be sure to keep all of the measurements the same. If you want more of an extract measure it in as part of your water. Savvy? I love marshmallow fondant with almond extract. Best wishes to you!