Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rolling Fondant Recipe Review - Food Network

Last night I made Food Network's Rolling Fondant Recipe. I had never made fondant before and I had all of the ingredients in the house for this one, so I gave it a whirl. First I put the gelatin in a measuring cup with the water to allow the gelatin to bloom. (Marshmallow Fondant is next on my list.)

Next I put the Gelatin and water mixture in a double boiler to melt.
I floated a small metal bowl over a small pan of water.

I put the whole mess into the mixer all at once.
I won't do that again. My mixer did not appreciate it.
I dumped the whole shaggy mess onto the counter and kneaded it together by hand with a dough scraper.

(As per a reviewers recommendation over at Food Network I used 967 grams of powdered sugar.)

This is the stage where some have panicked and tossed the whole mess into the trash can and called it a failure. I added a tablespoon of water in tiny additions along with 1/2 tsp of Almond Extract in two 1/4 tsp additions. The last 1/4 tsp seemed like it was going to be too much, but with a bit more kneading and a tiny sprinkle of powdered sugar on the counter it was fine.

I just kept kneading.

And I kneaded it some more until it was smooth.

Then I wrapped the whole thing in plastic.
The true test will be rolling this out and putting it on a cake after it sits over night.

Update- I frosted the cake with Butter Creme and then I went to work. I learned a whole lot in the process of putting the Fondant on the cake. I want to purchase a Wilton Rolling Mat or a piece of vinyl from the fabric dept to roll my next batch on. I will grease the mat with shortening and forgo the cornstarch. It dries the Fondant out. (From what I have read the shortening will absorb after it sits.)
I tore the fondant the first time I attempted to pick it up on the rolling pin. So after I rerolled it, it was a bit dry. (Shortening to the rescue.)
Over all it was a really good experience. I have miles to go with my borders. I need PRACTICE. But, I believe my family will be very willing to eat my practice work.

Thanks for stopping!

If you liked this you might like Marshmallow Fondant even better. (I did.)

Sorry about the poor pictures. My LCD screen on my camera is broken so until it is replaced I can't see what I am photographing or how the pictures turn out. Ugh.


  1. I have never tried fondant. I can't wait to here how it turned out. I may just have to give it a try.

  2. thank you for putting your examples and input on this recipe up. i too found it on foodnetwork.com im only 15 and seeing what you did helped

  3. Here is what Degel had to say over on Food Network about the recipe-
    "I was extremely nervous making fondant for the first time. However, this recipe (out of the many I have looked at got the best reviews for ease and actually working in the end. Even with messing up a few things, it didn't become unusable. Excellent suggestions with the dough hook, getting everything all the ingredients together before melting the gelatin, and kneading by hand after all the sugar is picked up. 4 out of 5 because while it may be easy the directions are not dummy proof."

  4. Here is what Wawa's mom had to say over on Food Network about the recipe- "It worked out well! Refer to the review posted by SoVeryBlessed. Before dissolving the gelatin, I placed all other ingredients into my KitchenAid mixing bowl first. Once the gelatin dissolved I added it to my bowl and mixed using the dough hook. I scraped down as needed but felt a little bit more water would help so I added less than 1/4 tsp of water and kept it running a while longer until the fondant stopped picking up the rest of the powdered sugar at the bottom of the bowl. That's when I dumped it all onto my mat and kneaded by hand. Do it this way and I don't think you can go wrong!"

  5. Here is what Nuzhaf had to say about the recipe over on Food Network- "Thanks to the comments (moreover the blogspot with pics to boot by "SoVeryBlessed" I attempted this recipe. I followed the 900 odd gms of sugar qty and it worked out well.
    The pics on her blogspot gave me the confidence to continue kneading with my hand till it formed into a dough.
    Having used "Satin Ice" fondant on prior occasions, that too gave me the confidence to gauge the consistency and "thickness" of the final product."