Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's Baby Booties - Pattern

Use buttons for newborns at your own risk, and surely not for razor toothed teethers. :)

I was so pleased when I found these vintage buttons in my stash.   Ready made unifier. 

The first pair I made from this pattern.

JPEG Format - Pattern

PDF Format - Back Pattern, Vamp and Sole

The inner line is for a new born, the outer line just sizes it up a bit.

  You can choose which bootie back you would like to use. 
The rounded bootie back is intended to have laces inserted like the pattern linked to below.
I have a tutorial on another pattern that may interest you.

Update - Video to help Jackie


  1. I LOVE little baby booties. You are so very talented! Ever thought of opening a shop? :)

  2. You should be proud, you did an awesome job Cheryl! They are so cute.

  3. Thanks Julie and Sue. I am sure the competition would be stiff. :o)

  4. I printed out the pattern and for the life of me, and looking at the tutorial, i cant figure out how you are putting the pieces together! HELP! The piece that has the elastic goes across the tongue or in the back?

    1. Jackie, Let me see if I have a pair in progress in my bootie box. I'll add an update.

  5. I love these bootie! I am a sewing newbie but want to give this a try... what age would this bootie fit? And if I were to size up, how would you recommend doing so? Thanks in advance!

  6. I love these! I am a sewing newbie but want to give these a try... what age do you think these booties fit? You mention in the video that I can use a copy machine to size up - how would one go about doing this? I have a 4 month old, but he's pretty chunky so I presume a 6 month sizing would work. Thanks in advance!

  7. The reason i am confused is the pattern pieces dont seem to match what i see you have. There are two pieces that look similar as the back piece you put elastic on in your pattern. One has the mark for elastic and the other one does not. Also the green fleece pattern you have up there, the pieces look totally different then the pattern I downloaded from here. Are the pieces for 2 different booties?

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I can see the reason for your confusion.
      The two bootie backs are variations that can be used with the same sole and bootie front. I am sorry it's confusing.

  8. Hi Ryoko,

    This is a new born pattern.
    If you take the pattern to a copy shop you can have someone show you how to increase the image by percentages. You can find sole lengths online for different ages. Then try sizing it up to 120% or something. Remember the shoe will get wider also and baby feet get longer and the width will not keep up.
    I am not a pattern drafter by any means.
    We are in a baby drought in our family. Hopefully I will have some grand babies around eventually to photograph in booties. :)

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I made my first attempt at these booties this afternoon and I have to say, for a newbie sewer, they turned out OK and it wasn't too difficult to put together! I tried them on my 4.5 month old son, and the outer line fit him fine, with just a tiny bit of room.
      Thanks for the tip regarding sizing up - I will fidget with it and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the tip re: baby feet width, I'll try to keep the width the same on the pattern while making it longer only.

    2. Oh, that makes me so happy!
      You can increase the pieces and then when your sole gets wide you can fold it and take a tiny bit out of the width. :)
      I actually got inspired and created a new bootie back for this pattern today. I just finished it. I'll blog in and get it up to share as quickly as I can. It's tied with ribbon, but for a boy you could use shoe laces or something.
      Thanks for the review on sizing on the bigger line. We really need a baby around here. ;) I decided to make the new bootie back fit the old pattern, but my intention is to size it up. (I always want to do lots of things that are hard to squeeze into the days.)