Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bathroom Remodel - Doors and Gutting the Bathroom

Remodeling is a bit like peeling and onion. It comes with a few tears and many layers.  Just when you peel back a layer there is another one lurking.  When the floor came up and we saw water damage near both doors and it seemed natural to replace the front and back doors before the tile went in.

For the Moment the doors are sporting fancy masking tape molding.  Yet another layer to add later. Everywhere you turn there is another layer...

This bathroom is the last one in the house that had not been remodeled.  There is so much history here.
This is the bathroom I got ready in each day when I was a teenager.  This is the same bathroom that my first two children locked themselves in when they were little by opening the drawer in front of the door.  And then they could not figure out how to get out.

2 layers of floor had to come out.  Somebody in the past had fun with the staple gun.  :o)

My dad cut one of the ends off of an old pick ax.  We slide the flat part of the pick under the flooring and  tap it with the sledge hammer. It pulls the nails up and helps make the job go faster.  My Dad is a master at using tools creatively.  :o)  (See the comments on Kitchen Remodel - Good bye Cabinet and Soffit for the background on tools.)

Whew.  It is all out.  My Mom even got in and broke the mirror off of the wall.  

The dishwasher is hanging out in the back hall waiting for a new home. 

The cabinets guy says the cabinets are about ready.  
We can hardly wait.
Then more flooring will go in.

Stay tuned.


  1. Wow, Cheryl! Hard work but going to be worth it! Can't wait to see more! :)


  2. Thanks for the "follow" and comment Roeshel. :o)