Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Living Room - A Work in Progress - Post 150

My Living Room a year ago.
 About a year ago I wrote to Christine asking her for suggestions about my living room.
Because of the back log she just got to it, but had some great suggestions. 
She suggested some great fabric and moving the TV.
 I have stirred the straw in my nest from time to time and made changes.
I was teased by one neighbor for taking 3 months to choose a paint color.
Little did she know it was actually a 6 month decision.

Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf

Remember the oops paint that I used for the towel rack project in my bathroom?
Well, I liked the paint so well, (after I got used to it's name) I decided to use it in my living room and kitchen.

See the color repeat in the print?

Next, we need a TV change (in time, not rushing the TV to die)
a picture collage and some fabric to unify the room.

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